Top reasons why you should do this with OptOn :

  1. Every 2 years you need to check with your broker if you on the best deal. Banks keep changing rates and offers and its important to make sure you are on the best deal with your current bank or other options out there. We work with 40+ Lenders so we are confident that we will save you money
  2. We can assist in getting special refinance bonuses from the new bank + from our company to assist with getting almost 1 months mortgage free^
  3. Find out your property value and equity available
  4. Consolidate all debts so you can catch up and go in front of your mortgage.
  5. We do all the legwork and all your work can be done online from the comfort of your home.
  6. Get cash out for furniture, holidays, cars and more
  7. Find out if you have options to use your equity for an investment property or shares portfolio, etc.
  8. We have a solution for every individual
  9. OptOn’s friendly staff and brokers are your point of contact – no waiting on long phone calls or in line with branch staff for this process
  10. We can assist with Annual fee waivers

So lets start and let us tell you upfront all the savings of yours if you do this + what the bonus credits are going to be – We so confident that we will save you money that if you with a major lender* and we cannot beat the rate we will credit you $100 in a gift voucher to redeem you for your time.

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