Other Asset Loans

Whether you need funding for your new café, restaurant, laboratory or any other new business, we have you covered. We offer solutions for new and existing businesses from quick cash release to rental options.

Some of the scenarios where we can assist are below:

Scenario 1

Client ran a restaurant and needed 40k for some renovations. Did not have financials to show but had a good turnover last 6 months. We got him to send us 6 months bank statements and got him 40k in 24 hours approved and funded.

Scenario 2

Client was new to business, wanted to open a laboratory which checks electrical equipment’s. We got him a fully tax deductible rental option for 75k in 2 days and funded in 24 hours after signing docs with no financials requirements.

Scenario 3

A new to business person wanted to open a café costing 140k and had 70k in equity in the home. We got him the full 140k in a business loan at a rate of 5.9% in 4 days and funded in 3 days from signing docs.

Scenario 4

Client was running a warehouse and needed a forklift urgently. Client was property backed and a new forklift was costing him 30k approx. We got loan approved and funded for him in 2 days at a rate of 5.9%

Fill out our quick form with some of your basic details and one of our specialist will call you to discuss further to discuss your scenario.

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