Credit Impaired Loans

Have a low credit score due to various reasons? We can assist in many ways.

Having a low credit score can result due to various reasons as outlined below

  • Many debts or credit enquiries
  • Defaults or court judgements
  • Part nine agreement or bankruptcy
  • Late payments
  • Divorces, family problems, death of a family member
  • Illness or sickness to yourself or family member in past

At OptOn we know this can be a tricky stage and sometimes the past is not the true reflection of your situation today. We have solutions from many banks you can assist you with a home loan even in difficult situations. We can assist in these situations provided below

  • You are not currently in a part nine agreement or currently bankrupt(bankruptcy discharged is acceptable even by 1 day)
  • You currently in a stable job
  • If self employed can provide 1 of the below
    • Tax Returns for 2 years OR
    • Accountant letter stating income OR
    • BAS showing income OR
    • Bank statements showing income

Got one of these situations or something else? Feel free to send us an email or fill the contact us form to see what we can do to assist you.

Our brokers are experienced in this part of finance and can offer several solutions to assist with your needs.

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