Refinance Bonus

Get upto $4,000 on all new refinances from 23rd April onwards with OptOn loans. Our brokers do all the legwork for you including contacting the banks and getting you the best offers available in the market with no cost to you as a customer.

How does this offer work?

  • Various banks are providing upto $3,500 to refinance your home loans with them
  • We provide upto $500 to refinance any loan with us (provided your loan is over $250,000)
  • We work with over 30 banks and offer works only if we change your bank to another bank which is giving a better rate then the current one you with.

Contact us today to get your free quotes and rates for your home loan refinance.

Other things to consider

  • There maybe cost to change banks
  • Our $500 is provided in 2 parts – you get $250 within 30 days of settlement and another $250 after 18 months of staying with the same bank.
  • The banks offers vary from bank to bank and we can advise of this offer depending on the bank selected upfront
  • Each bank may have T & C of qualifying for their offer and we would be able to provide a copy of them depending on the bank selected for your case.
  • All offers work only on refinance loans in which you changing banks and your loan is atleast $250,000

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